LucasArts The Dig

Amazon just released The Dig for Amazon Prime Members

The Dig – From LucasArts and Steven Spielberg comes an epic adventure that plunges players into the very core of the unknown. Take on the role of Boston Low, a NASA veteran tasked with stopping an asteroid the size of a small moon on a crash course toward Earth. After completing the task Boston and his colleagues conduct a routine examination of the rocky surface, and soon uncover a scientific mystery that is anything but routine.

(c) LucasArts

It can be used with the scummvm with a little help of LAAExtract to get the missing file DIG.LA0 from the The Dig.exe. There was a hint in the forum .

You need python 2.x to run the, it will save the file and you can copy it to the game directory

While amazon stores the game at Amazon Games/Library/The Dig/ the python skript requires the game at SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/ , without coding skills you can just copy The Directory The Dig Directory there and voilá

$ python2 ~/ /SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/
                   ___     ___  __        __  ___
|     /\   /\     |__  \_/  |  |__)  /\  /  `  |
|___ /~~\ /~~\    |___ / \  |  |  \ /~~\ \__,  |

Using steam directory: /SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/
The game files will be extracted to: /home/patrick/LAAextract

✘ Loom Audio Does not appear to be installed
✘ Loom Does not appear to be installed
✘ Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Does not appear to be installed
✔ Extracted The Dig
✘ Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Does not appear to be installed

Don't forget to convert the Loom Track1.wav to flac, ogg, or mp3!
(c) LucasArts