We need to #stayathome these days. You may #supportyourlocals shops, artists, bars and party locations through different websites

Please note my Disclaimer for External Links

tonspion ? published an article with links to concerts available via streams, e.g.:

zmyle ? is a website to buy vouchers for local shops

There a lots of computer games on all platforms available free for a limited times, have a look at IndieGameBundles ? and dont miss them.

You may order some T-Shirt at non-Profit projects like

There a lot of website for Corona Statistics, Alex Dumitru’s ? will give you a nice overview and you may buy him a coffee, too 🙂

While you stay home you may help research on the #Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by using distributed computing projects on your PC or mobile device. The aim is to help to create an antibody by modelling different mutations of the coronavirus.

Please join the Folding@Home project ?or the boinc-based projects

These projects use idle computer processing resources from volunteers’ devices to perform calculations. You can still watch Movies or listening to music ?

Also supercomputers are researching at The COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium ?.