DJ Pombär

Track 01 – Umbauphase – 00:02:53

yeah! this is my favourite. dreamy beat with stereo bassline. close your eyes and enjoy. this song was made at the reopening of a technodisco in bielefeld, motoneuron aka neurokeller. now it’s closed again

Track 02 – Poison – 00:01:53

my first try to do some synth-pop track. most samples taken from another mods found on aminet. i don’t fancy to finish the song.

Track 03 – Nothing – 00:02:23

This is hardcore. another fat bassline with the synthesized speech from my amiga computer, i don’t know why nobody else use this nice feature in songs. the nice melody was taken from Toten Hosen “Opium fürs Volk”.

Track 04 – Snowfall – 00:02:22

some school project, made a song based on numbers. it sounds terrible, so i decide to add a nice chrismas melody, caused by the unexpected snowfall in the begin of our summer. the piano sample was taken from Faithless “Reverence”.

Track 05 – Cool Clone – 00:02:24

my first song. leaded by the Worms fever i compose smashing beat with the speech of worms. if i remeber it was a really hard night before and this wierd track was a product of alcohol.

Track 06 – Red Sand – 00:04:37

this was the last of my tunes, based on some real cool triphop beat with some magic digeridoo and mystic conjuration.samples were taken from an old Midnight Oil cd and Front 242 “[email protected]@ge”.

Track 07 – 60 gramm

the hidden track 🙂 using samples from the hip-hop chrossover-group PhaseV